Correcting openbites with Invisalign

Jeremy's Case Study

An “Open bite” is where the top teeth don’t contact or overlap the bottom teeth. There are a number of different presentations but Jeremy’s is the most common where the main issue is with the front teeth.

The openbite creates two problems – the first is it makes it more difficult to eat as patients are unable to bring their front teeth together to bite through food. The second issue is that cosmetically we often see a “reverse smile line” – where the teeth don’t follow the curvature of the lower lip.

This was Jeremy’s main complaint. When I started doing Invisalign in 2008 this sort of case would have been very difficult to treat and I would warned Jeremy that he would be looking at 18-24months to achieve a good result. Fortunately Invisalign invests huge amounts into R&D every year and with the introduction of optimised attachments a 5years ago open bites are now quite straightforward to treat in most instances. You will see below that Jeremy was able to complete treatment in less than 12months! To see the attachments used look at the Clincheck animation in Staphanie’s case!

Jeremy's Results

All up treatment took around 9months. At the end of treatment we had closed the spacing between the upper and lower teeth and achieved a more natural looking smile.

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