Layla's Invisalign Journey

Layla saw me in London wanting to correct her upper canines, which she felt were too high and prominent. Because of her job, braces weren’t and option and neither were veneers so Invisalign was the option chosen.

The key to getting a good result for Layla was moving the middle teeth out – if you look at the diagram below of Layla’s upper jaw you can see the teeth almost form an hour-glass shape (outline in green) because the teeth have been constricted so much. In this instance it had lead to the canines never being able to fully erupt. …..

Jengira's Results

I included Layla’s case because I remember 10 years ago it was really pushing what we could achieve with Invisalign – and so it was – it took 20months for us to get across the finish line (although the result was worth it. Since then Invisalign has continued to pour millions of dollars annually into R&D and with their SmartTrack aligner material and optimised attachments that are available now I would usually expect to finish a case like Layla’s in around 12-14months.

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