Anna's Invisalign Journey

Anna presented wanting to discuss Invisalign to correct upper second front tooth which was in crossbite (sitting behind the lower tooth). Like many of our patients, Anna already had a friend who was having treatment at our practice so already knew a lot about the process.

With all my cases, the first thing I want to do is figure out why the teeth are in their current position in the first place. This begins to give us clues as to how to unlock everything. In Anna’s case I felt that her middle and back teeth were pulled in (constricted) too far. This has the effect of reducing he amount of room available for the teeth to line up nicely, and in Anna’s case, meant that there wasn’t enough room for second front tooth. In addition, when the middle teeth are pulled in it detracts from the smile – as you can only see a the front six teeth instead of the usual 8-10.

Having discussed this with Anna we created a Clincheck animation to chart out the movements that would be required.

Anna's Results

All up treatment took around 12months. At the end of treatment we did a little whitening and bonding to provide the final finishing touches and everything looked great!

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