Sarah's Case Study

Invisalign before and after photos

Sarah saw me in 2017 unhappy with the evenness of her smile and the fact that you could only really see her front teeth when smiling. Sarah had previously had orthodontic treatment as a teenager but hadn’t really achieved the result she was after.

In terms of the improvements we could make I felt that the front teeth were tipped to one side and needed to be uprighted. Both Sarah and I also felt that if we could bring the middle teeth out to the side we would achieve a fuller smile.

Invisalign before and afters

Sarah's Results

Working with Sarah was amazing not at least because she referred me so many work colleagues)! I don’t think I have had a patient in a long time who was so committed to getting the best result possible for her – extra aligners, whitening – whatever I suggested Sarah would always rise to the challenge (and usually suggest a few improvements as well).

It took us a while but I think we got a great result in the end!

Invisalign Before and After
Invisalgin before and afters
Invisalign before and afters
Invisalign before and afters
Invisa;lign before and afters

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