Rachael's Case Study

Rachael first saw me in 2019 wanting to improve her smile. She had already been to a range of clinics offering Invisalign and been given widely varying advice in terms of both cost and time frame. I’m really glad that Rachael came to see me because actually her case was really straightforward – her back teeth were already in a really nice position so it was simply a case of focusing on what really bothered Rachael – her smile. As a result, I was able to offer Invisalign Lite  which was much more cost effect for Rachael.

“I grew up in a family that could only afford braces for one of us three kids. I always hated my teeth but it just wasn’t an option for me to get them straightened. As an adult, I felt self conscious about my teeth – it would affect how I smiled, particularly for photos and when meeting new people.”

You can read of Rachael’s experience in her own words in the Client Stories section of the site!

Rachaels's Results


“I achieved exactly what I wanted! I wish I had done it earlier. Now I smile confidently. It’s the best when people compliment me on my smile – that never happened before!”

Before After

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Marina’s Invisalign Case Study

Marina came to see me because she was unhappy with the spacing between her upper and lower teeth – she also felt the teeth protruded too much.

Invisalign works amazingly well in many situations where there is spacing so I was quite confident we could get a very nice result without the need for braces.

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Hannah’s Invisalign Journey

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Damian’s Invisalign Journey

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