Karin’s Invisalign Journey

Karin saw me in London because she was unhappy with the crowding of her front teeth and also felt that her canines were too big. Karin wasn’t sure whether she wanted veneers or to try and correct things orthodontically.

Rebecca’s Invisalign Journey

Rebecca presented wanting to correct her crowded teeth. She has always had issues with crowding and an orthodontist had extracted an upper tooth in her early teens to help create some additional room. Apart from the amount of crowding present, treatment was complicated by the fact that she had a number of areas of gum recession around her teeth – any orthodontic treatment could potentially worsen this.

Sara’s Invisalign Journey

Sara saw me last year unhappy with her smile – a number of her front teeth were crossed over and slanted and close examination showed that a number of them had also been chipped and worn. Although of lesser concern to Sara, there was also a canine on the lower jaw that was heavily twisted around – 10years ago I would have had sleepless nights thinking how I was going to correct that canine but now days Invisalign’s technology handles these movements easily.

Alex’s Invisalign Journey

Alex came to see me because she was generally unhappy with her smile. When we look at her smile we can see some crowding, a deepbite (where the top front teeth heavily overlap the bottom front teeth), some chipped teeth and some discolouration. A lot of things to get right but also one of my favourite sorts of cases!

Jarryd’s Invisalign Journey

Like many of my patients, Jarryd came to see me to improve his smile – and specifically the crowding around his front teeth. From my perspective the challenge in getting a good result was going to be improving his deepbite

Jeremy’s Invisalign Journey

When I started doing Invisalign in 2008 this sort of case would have been very difficult to treat and I would warned Jeremy that he would be looking at 18-24months to achieve a good result. Fortunately Invisalign invests huge amounts into R&D every year and with the introduction of optimised attachments a 5years ago open bites are now quite straightforward to treat in most instances.