Rachael’s Invisalign Journey

Rachael first saw me in 2019 wanting to improve her smile. She had already been to a range of clinics offering Invisalign and been given widely varying advice in terms of both cost and time frame. I’m really glad that Rachael came to see me because actually her case was really straightforward

Louise’s Invisalign Journey

Louise’s Case Study Louise came to see me because she had some relapse of her front four teeth in her 20’s (she had braces as a teenager). When we just have some front crowding to deal with and the majority of the back teeth are in a reasonable position often Invisalign Lite can be a […]

Steph’s Invisalign Journey

Did you have braces as a teenager and have noticed that the teeth have started to go relapse in your 20’s? Don’t worry you are not alone! Relapse in the late teens early 20s can be very common without proper retention. The key is to get on to things as early as possible before the teeth have had a chance relapse further.