Invisalign vs traditional braces in Auckland

INVISALIGN VS TRADITIONAL BRACES IN AUCKLAND Find out which is the right choice for you. When it comes to teeth straightening options, two popular choices are Invisalign and traditional braces in Auckland. Each method offers unique advantages, and determining the right choice for your specific needs can make a significant difference in your orthodontic journey. […]

Aligners & Contact Sports

If you’re new to wearing aligners while playing sports, you might question how to successfully navigate this task. You may wonder if you can play rugby with aligners, or if you should wear a mouthguard over your aligners. Balancing contact sports and aligners doesn’t have to be tricky, though!

Why Having Straight Teeth Matters

There’s a lot to be said for a beautiful smile. It’s one of the first things anyone’s going to notice about how you look. But having crooked teeth is more than just a mental downer. When your teeth are improperly aligned, you’re at higher risk for a number of health problems that can compromise your quality of life. Crooked teeth have a significant associationwith a variety of medical issues, including gum disease, heart disease.

How to clean your aligners

Believe it or not, Invisalign comes with similar issues, minus the “brace face.” Invisalign trays require daily cleanings for health and hygiene. Not sure about the right ways to keep your Invisalign and your smile clean?

Wearing Aligners When You Are Sick

Getting sick is never enjoyable. For those trying to straighten their teeth, they must manage their aligners while nursing themselves back to health.

Should you choose braces or Invisalign?

Since launching in 2000, over 8million people have been treated worldwide with Invisalign and each year it seems increasing number of patients are opting for removable aligners rather than traditional braces.

The 5 Things You Must Know About Invisalign

The five things you need to know about Invisalign

over the years I have found the same questions popping up again and again both during initial Invisalign consultations, and also reading clear aligner forums where people have commented on things that they had wish been explained more clearly to them before they started the journey.